We offer the latest electronic banking products and services that meet your different needs in an easy, convenient, and secure way. We make it easy for you to bank when you want and where you want, with a variety of electronic banking services.

e-Banking…setting your own banking hours


  • Product information:
    • Product name: e-zwich card/POS Devices, Product image: , Product description 1:

      The e-zwich smartcard is an electronic card which allows secure payment for goods, services and transfer of funds throughout the country.

      Selected ATM Terminals are enabled to perform e-zwich withdrawals.

      It allows users to either spend from a pre-loaded cash smartcard or from bank account(s) linked to the smartcard.


      • Works for both the banked and unbanked
      • Allows you to withdraw cash at any ATM or e-zwich terminal across Ghana
      • Allows you to deposit cash onto the smartcard
      • Provides transaction reports
      • Allows transfer of funds from smartcard to merchant and bank accounts
      • Allows online and offline merchant transactions
      • Allows payment of utility bills
      • Can be linked to more than one bank account
      • Security: it is based on biometric fingerprint identification system
      , Product description 2:

      How to obtain the smartcard/POS device

      Visit any of our branches nationwide to obtain a smartcard or Point of Sale (POS) device .


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  • Product information:
    • Product name: mobiWise (Mobile Banking Service), Product image: , Product description 1:

      PBL’s Mobile Banking Service, mobiWise, makes it easy for you to manage your everyday banking from any location, right from the comfort of your mobile phone or smart device anytime. The mobiWise subscriber can perform the following transactions:


      • Initiate Account Opening
      • Account balance enquiry
      • Account to Account funds transfer
      • Account to Other Bank funds transfer
      • Account to Wallet funds transfer
      • Wallet to Account funds transfer
      • Change PIN
      • View transaction list
      • Airtime Purchase (Self/ Other)
      • Third party bill payment (DStv, GOTV, etc.)
      , Product description 2:

      How to sign on

      Sign on to mobiWise service by dialing *772# and follow the prompts, or visit any of our branches.



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  • Product information:
    • Product name: netWise (Internet Banking Service), Product image: , Product description 1:

      PBL’s Internet Banking Service, netWise, is designed to meet your online banking needs, enabling you to have access to your accounts and general information on our products and services, through personal computers or other intelligent devices.

      Our Internet Banking Service is a real-time solution that allows you to access your accounts 24/7.

      netWise provides a fast, secure and convenient means of accessing your accounts. Using your unique User ID, Secure Login Password and Transaction Password, you can access your accounts anywhere and at any time.


      Transactional services:

      • Instant funds transfer to accounts at other banks in Ghana
      • Transfer to third party accounts at PBL
      • Transfer between own accounts at PBL
      • Standing instructions initiation and modification
      • Bulk payment of employees’ salaries
      , Product description 2:


      netWise provides the following online services:

      Customer services:

      • Order Cheque books
      • Status inquiry of cheque leaflets in a customer’s cheque book to find out whether a leaflet has been used stopped or unused, etc.
      • Stop payment of cheques

      Other services:

      • View account details and balances
      • View/download account activities
      • View account statements
      • Send email inquiry (Mailbox)


      How to sign on

      Apply for netWise service by filling an Internet Banking Application Form at any of our branches.

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  • Product information:
    • Product name: alertWise (Transaction Notification Service), Product image: , Product description 1:

      alertWise generates messages whenever a transaction occurs on a customer’s account. The notification message is automatically sent to the customer via e-mail and SMS (text).


      Customers receive notifications on the following:

      • Cash deposit
      • Cheque deposit
      • Cheque withdrawal
      • Cash withdrawal
      • ATM withdrawal
      • Standing instruction
      • Cheque Book issued
      • Overdraft limit exceeded
      • Loan repayment reminder
      • Overdraft renewal
      , Product description 2:
      • Any other debit or credit item on customer’s Account
      • Periodic broadcasts
      • E-Statement
      • ATM Card issued
      • Inactive / dormant Account
      • Maturity of Fixed Deposits
      • Debit Card Issued

      How to sign on

      Apply for alertWise service by filling an e-Banking Application Form at any of our branches.

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  • Product information:
    • Product name: International cards, Product image: , Product description 1:

      Shopping and online payments just got easier with PBL Contactless Visa Cards.

      The Bank offers Visa, Mastercard and UnionPay International debit cards to customers and non-customers. The cards are available in Gold, Classic and Pre-paid.

      PBL’s International debit cards allow customers and non-customers to:

      • Perform ATM transactions on all PBL ATMs
      • Perform ATM Transactions on Visa/UnionPay/Mastercard-enabled ATMs in Ghana and anywhere in the world
      • Make payments on Visa/UnionPay/Mastercard-enabled Point-of-sale (POS) devices
      • Make online payments/shop online


      Visit the nearest PBL branch and apply for an instantly-issued PBL UnionPay or Visa Debit Card today.


      • Accepted on all branded ATMs and POS terminals worldwide for payment of goods and services
      • Cards are secure and give you 24/7 access to your money
      • You can make contactless payments at supermarkets, malls, boutiques, etc.
      • Make online purchases on any website that accepts these international card payments
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  • Product information:
    • Product name: cashWise (ATM Service), Product image: , Product description 1:

      Prudential Bank’s cashWise ATMs enable you to bank at your convenience and have immediate access to information about your account around the clock. With our wide range of payment platforms, our debit/prepaid cards and ATM terminals are your one-stop-shop. The cards are available for use by customers and non-customers. We offer Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay International and gh-link services across all our over 50 terminals nationwide.

      You can also use your e-zwich cards on our Flexi-ATMs which are equipped with fingerprint scanners


      cashWise (ATMs) provides the under-listed self-service banking access to customers of PBL:

      • Cash withdrawals
      • Cash deposits on some select terminals
      • Mini statement request
      • PIN change
      • Cheque Book request
      • Funds transfer (Own Accounts)
      • Full Statement request
      , Product description 2:

      How to apply

      Apply for our ATM service by filling an e-Banking Application Form at any of our branches.

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