International trade is a constantly evolving scene involving many players with varied and unpredictable behaviour. It involves the flow of goods/services from a seller in one country to a buyer in another country in accordance with the contract of sale and the subsequent flow of payment from buyer to seller. Before entering into an International Trade transaction, individuals and businesses must assess the risks involved as well as all possible mitigation methods.

Together with our first-class International partners, PBL’s Trade Finance team is available to facilitate the smooth settlement of our clients' International Trade transactions. Our aim is to ensure that your import and export transactions are managed effortlessly and efficiently.

PAPSS Money Transfer

The Pan-African Payment and Settlement System (PAPSS) is a cross-border payment platform that is designed s...

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Correspondent Banks

Our correspondents in foreign countries allow you to fund your PBL account in these currencies:

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Documentary Credit (Letters of Credit)

It is an irrevocable undertaking given by a bank that offers certainty of payment to the seller and deliver...

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Documentary Collection

With this arrangement, the seller will dispatch the goods and send the documents via the banking system for...

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Advance Payments

With this arrangement, the buyer pays for the goods or services in advance. The seller on receipt of the pa...

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Open Account Payments

This arrangement is when the seller ships the goods to the buyer and sends title documents to the buyer for...

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